Fine Fabrics and Trim, Custom Furniture, Custom windows and beddings. Accessories and more....


Fine Fabrics

Fine Fabrics are our main feature. Really! We have thousands of fine fabrics - literally thousands on display in various styles, construction and colors. From fine silks, to cottons, chenille's, linens, polyester in solid, plaids and stripes, jacquards, patterned with various weaves to give depth. We offer a wide line that allows you to choose from a broad palette of not just colors but also textures. The newest lines of various blends, velvets, mohairs are sure to appeal to you.

The large range of fabrics include exquisite embroideries ranging from delicate hand embroideries to large scale, prints, geometrics, small and large patterns.

The fabrics are arranged in our store with you in mind. If you are looking to work with a color palette in mind - We have made it simpler for you to look at row upon row of fabric arranged color by color. So if you are thinking blue, wander in the blue section ... well you get the idea!

Here is an example of the reds. But do not stop there. Look around and choose the fabric of your dreams. We are here to help. Stop and linger in each of our well stocked aisles of fabrics by the bolt. You do not have to wait for days to receive your fabrics. You can take it with you. We also have a large collections of books for you to choose fabrics that are part of other collections. You will find them all here.

Window Dressing

We offer custom services for dressing up your windows. Choose your fabrics and we will work with you to choose the right style of window dressing that will work for your windows. Choose from the simplest rod pocket panels to patterned valances that will work for you. You bring your ideas and we will make it work with the resources that we have at our disposal.

We will work with you measure your windows and together come up with a design solution that

Custom Furniture

We offer custom furniture in any type of frame. Browse around our store for fabrics that will appeal to you. We will work with you to choose the frame that will work for you and the pattern/fabric that will go with your selection. There are many things that go into the perfect fit. Your space, the colors in your room, the use of the piece of furniture. Once we know these... we will be able to work with you to suggest you the frames that will work for you and the fabrics that might fit that need. We will let you know how much fabric that you will need for the furniture piece that you have selected. The length will vary based on the fabric you have chosen ( the width of the fabric and the design repeat are the most important factors that will determine how much fabric you need). Once you know how much this will cost - you can decide and approve. We will send these away and a few weeks later you will have a distinctive piece of furniture that will make your house a home.

Pillow Stuffers

We have a large selection of Pillow stuffers made of poly fill and also feather and goose down. The stuffings are in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Just ask our knowledgeable staff for the sizes.


In all of our stores we have a collection of accessories that you can use to complement your personal touch with a piece that adds that punch to your sofa as a throw or a cushion. On the wall as a painting, mirror, print. Browse through our stores and select the accessory that appeals to you. We have new accessories coming in all the time - so do visit our stores often.

Custom Bedding

With a custom bedding and our fabrics, your choices are endless. We can do headboards, skirts, top of the beds, pillows for you. All you have to do is let us know what you are imagining. We can execute to make your bedroom (or any other room ) become a dream room.

Stop by and talk to our experienced design consultants.


In our Hudson and Pawtucket Stores we have a large selection of notions for your sewing needs. Threads, tools, zippers, elastics, trim and tapes, window hardware eg grommets, weights, draw strings. In all of our stores we have hardware to help you hang your curtains. Take a look our Notions Page to get an idea of what have in our stores.

Talk to your salesperson to help you find that hardware item. We will be able to help you.


We have a large selection of silk and cotton yarn at our Pawtucket store. Stop by for your weaving needs. The yarn is available in large spools and also in hanks ready to be rolled into cones for whatever your weaving needs. There is a large selection of colors that are available.

Browse through our selection and pick one spool or many or a whole hank.

We have used some of these yarns for our fine fabrics. We realize that there is a large weaving community in the areas that we serve and we thought that this would be good idea to make this available to our customers.

Please look at our Yarn page to view more details about what we have in stock. If you are interested in yarn at our other stores please contact our sales people and we will be able to have some for you to view.