Elastics for Masks

We have a large quantity of elastics in stock. Ready to Ship. Call 800-392-4007 or your local store. Curbside delivery is available at some of our stores. The minimum quantity that we can sell of ship is 20yds.

The Tape elastic can be sewn in. All the elastics can be used to make a loop around the ear.


1/4" Tape Elastic "Hospital White"

Our most popular elastic for masks. Best for sewn in elastic. Use with sewn in designs or with pockets. 1/4" in Hospital White color only. You can also this elastic as a band that goes around the back of the head as well.

artee fabrics grey cord elastic


3/32" Black Braided Cord Elastic

Black cord elastic for loops around the ears - 3/32" - popular for cords.

artee black cord elastic


1/16" Braided Grey Cord Elastic 

Grey cord elastic for loops around the ear 1/16"

artee grey cord elastic